Where is STS based?

STS World Headquarters is based in the Heart of the Midwest in Rushville, IN, USA. We take great pride and find inspiration on where we’re from. We work hard and we want to help bring innovation and manufacturing back to the Midwest.

Where are STS Gravel Bikes Manufactured?

All aspects of the manufacturing process from design, engineering, paint, fabrication, and assembly are all done right here in Rushville. Our rigorous quality control process helps ensure excellence and  consistency on every bike that leaves our facility.

Why Steel?

Steel bikes have come a long way from your father’s 1970’s Raleigh. STS bikes are made with the finest lightweight steel from the world’s foremost custom steel providers in the U.S. Italy, and Japan. Steel is the go-to material for multi-surface exploring, riding, and racing. When welded perfectly, steel frames give a responsive feel on gravel unlike

anything you will ever encounter on carbon fiber. Steel takes a punch and then punches right back. Reject the notion that steel is heavy. That is simply not true, at least with our bikes. Case in point, our 54cm Gravel Killer frame and fork weighs in at the same weight with a $6000 Specialized carbon fiber road bike and fork.

Where did the name STS come from?

STS stands for Small Town Sports which is the name of a sporting goods store located in Rushville, IN and is one of many successful ventures from serial entrepreneur and founder Terry Gwinnup. Terry along with Team STS are driven to become the finest steel gravel bike manufacturer in North America.

Can you buy a bike direct from STS?

We rely and value on our network of STS partner retailers to sell, service, and help get you properly fitted. In cases where an STS Retailer is not nearby, we definitely do sell direct to consumer. You may contact us via email at info@stsbicycles.com or call at 888-775-8055 to begin your new gravel bike build.

Why do we use Hydraulic Mechanical brakes?

Simple. We don’t just go along with the flow. We question everything. In this case, Mech/Hyd brakes are lighter, can easily be adjusted in the field, have better actuation and feel. We could go on but you get the idea.

Why are STS bikes built around riding styles?

Glad you asked! We like to talk about this. Bikes are built around what we like to call ‘areas of interest or areas of passion’. We build our bikes with these activities in mind. Our bikes are not the equivalent of car ‘crossovers’, which means they are purposely designed for specific types of activities which align with our customers interests and personalities. For instance, while you can do just fine in a 100 mile gravel race on an ADVNTR Pro, it’s designed for exploring, adventure and longer rides and bike packing whereas the rider who owns a GRVL KLR is more than likely focused on those types of competitive races and events than the ADVNTR rider. Therefore each bike is designed to optimize a variety of gravel and multi-surface experiences. Because we have a wide variety of gravel and multi-surface designs, you never have to sacrifice.

What does it mean to "Explore Confidently"?

Explore Confidently is more than our company tagline. It’s a belief system; a call to action to buck the status quo and explore ourselves and the world around us.

How many months do I have to wait to get what I want?

How many months do I have to wait to get what I want?